Meet Kevin Golden

Kevin Golden is a professional speaker, author, consultant, loving husband and father. He is is the leading expert for training you or your team how to learn, retain, and apply the basic principles of leadership & success. Well known for his exciting, humorous teaching style, Kevin's desire is to help others succeed in life by discovering their passion, to fuel their purpose, and fulfill their destiny. After dealing with the disabilities of autism, the struggle of being bullied, the depression of financial ruin, mistreatment by mentors, and the indescribable loss of a grandson, Kevin knows what it takes to continue pressing on past seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve his dreams. His greatest desire is to show others how to do the same. His client list includes companies and organizations such as Xceleration, Insperity, The Embassy, AMS, Girl Scouts of America, KHS Gymnastics, New Caney ISD, Ross Sterling, Avid.