Word Power

The Power of Your Words

Words are the most powerful force in the
universe. They create and they destroy.
The give life and they bring death. God
used words to create everything we see
and He gave man the power of words to
create as well. There is an ancient proverb
that says, "Life and Death is in the power
of the tongue". The tongue can set your
world on fire, and it will determine the
direction of your life like the rudder of a
In the book "Think and Grow Rich" by
Napoleon Hill, there is a process that he
coined Auto-Suggestion. He defines it as,
"The dwelling upon an idea, thought, or
concept, thereby creating some change in
the mental functions and the process by
which a person creates self-acceptance of
an opinion, belief, or plan of action". Mix
that with the fact the repetitive
information builds a belief system, and
you see why it is vitally important that you
take careful thought and plan to what
words you speak on a continual basis. You
will have what you say, if you truly believe
it. Good or bad. Life or death. Riches or
poverty. Health or Sickness. Whole or
Broken Relationships. Success or Failure.
You will have what you say, if you truly
believe. Why is that the case?
There are two pieces to this mystery of
the power of your words.
  • The mental aspect
  • The spiritual aspect

The Mental Aspect
First, let's discuss the Mental Aspect of the Power of Your Words. When you continually repeat words, you are feeding the subconscious mind, thereby
reprogramming what is "acceptable" in
your life to your mind. Remember the
gateway principle - You can only manifest
into the physical reality what can fit
through the gateway of your subconscious
mind. If you haven't expanded your mind
to allow more abundance through, it will
not manifest into the realm of the
physical. Your spirit already believes. Your
spirit is already part of, and comes from
the realm of the spirit where abundance
resides. It is your subconscious mind that
betrays the desires of your spirit.
The conscious mind, the analytical part of
your mind that makes daily decisions,
must get into agreement with your spirit
through an act of your will, with the
assistance of learned success principles,
and with the help of God. When you put
this into action, you can make your
subconscious mind new again by the act of
repetitive words. Write down what it is
that you desire, then form an affirmation,
a faith confession. Then commit it to
memory. Then two times every day, once
in the morning when you wake up, and
once before going to bed at night, speak
to and over yourself that which you have
written down. This will, in time, expand
the size of your gateway, allowing for
more abundance to flow through. This
process is exponentially more powerful
when you back your affirmation with
success promises that have already been
spoken by the One who designed you. The
source of all abundance. These incredibly
powerful spoken words can be found in the
greatest success book ever written - The

The Spiritual Aspect

The second piece to the Power of YourWords is the Spiritual Aspect. The entire physical universe is made up of pure energy, which actually is pure vibration. Even down to the sub-atomic level, scientists have observed that everything is in constant motion, vibration. A noted scientist in the field of Quantum Physics and String Theory once said that many string theorist believe, based on the scientific evidence and mathematical computations, that once we solve the mathematical equations of the string theory, what we will discover is that the universe is a musical expression of God.

Simply put - Vibration....

This excerpt taken from the chapter on the Power of Your Words from the book - Designed for Success - 13 Principles for Life Changing Success

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