What Are You Waiting For?

Are you living your dreams? Are you accomplishing your goals? Are you making forward progress?


Are you still wishing things were better, still sitting idle, still laying stagnant, still hoping a promotion will magically drop in your lap... still not moving forward?

Be honest with YOURSELF. You're not telling me. I'll never know you're answers to these questions... but YOU will. So be honest. Have you ever stopped, looked in the proverbial mirror and honestly asked yourself these questions? 

If you fall more into the 2nd category of questions (still wishing, still idle, no forward progress), you're not alone. Don't beat yourself up. But there is a reason why. Let's just get this out of the way up front. It's NOT because of some unforeseen force of bad luck or circumstances. We ALL deal with tough times. It's NOT because of your economic status, education level, or where you live or grew up. You're NOT to tall or short, too fat or skinny, too old or young, too rich or poor, too smart or too stupid. We ALL have "limitations" to overcome. I deal with a deformed arm, autism, anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue... and the list goes on. I was a bullied, loner nerd growing up and still deal with awkward social situations today due to my Aspergers (autism). But I am an all-state trombone player, decent drummer, fantastic keyboard player, composer, author, technology & business consultant, professional speaker and a pretty great husband, father, and grandfather. I'm not bragging. I'm not arrogant. I'm trying to make a point. If I can do it, so can you. If I can achieve my goals despite my limitations, so can you.

You have to STOP with the excuses! If you REALLY want to live your dreams and live On Purpose, you're going to get mad, struggle, fight, work hard, deal with limitations, short-comings, and disabilities, and even fail on your journey while you're making forward progress.

So, if its not any of those excuses that are really holding you back, then What Are You Waiting For?

I'll tell you what. You don't THINK you can do it. You THINK you're limited by one of the excuses above. You THINK it's too hard; so you don't even try. Or maybe you've STARTED the process of achieving your dreams and goals, but you quit in the process because it seemed too difficult or impossible. Well, if you THINK you can't, you're right... you can't. So you might as well just quit right now.

But when you are sick and tired of not living your dreams, making forward progress, obtaining those promotions, blowing past your sales quotas, and achieving your goals, then you need to stand in that same mirror and TELL YOURSELF, "I CAN live my dreams. I CAN achieve my goals. I WILL live on purpose for the purpose of achieving MY PURPOSE in life. Quitting is not an option. I am smart enough. I am capable. I am Designed for Success. TODAY is MY day to succeed!" And do that EVERY DAY until you really do know that you can and will live your dreams. I know that makes you feel like you're reliving a Stuart Smalley moment from past SNL sketches, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggoneit, people like me", but all goal achievement begins with this process.

Of course you'll also need a plan to execute. That is where true goal setting comes in. I've written a great article on setting real goals and how to achieve them that will help you with creating your plan and executing it. You can read it here - http://kevingolden.com/blog/2012/05/goals-proven-formula-for-achieving.html

You've got to make the mental paradigm shift from wishing and hoping to dreaming, knowing, and DOING with continuous movement towards your goals where quitting is not an option. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

Dream, Believe, Plan, Execute... and Don't Quit!