Explosive, Powerful, Laser-sharp Focus

Because everyone is designed for success, any average person can be transformed into a successful person by using explosive, powerful, laser-sharp focus.   

One major reason people fail to succeed is a lack of focus. If you want to live out the life of success that you were designed for, you must maintain focus on your passion, purpose, destiny and therefore the goals that you've set out to achieve. Focus is powerful! Unfocused light simply lights up a room. But focused light generates a laser that can do precision work and even burn through objects. Once you have an intense revelation of Focus, you will be an unstoppable force. The number one success principle that I have seen, read, or heard about, in the lives of those that I have studied and are successful, is Focus. Other terms used are commitment and tenacity.  You must stay focused on the goal(s) and DON'T QUIT. If the steps of your goal becomes challenging and it seems like you just aren't going to make it, DON'T QUIT - GET FOCUSED on the end result. Refer back to the "WHY" of your goal and remain focused on it. Stir up the passion behind your WHY. If you focus on how difficult the task at hand is becoming, you will fail.

Instead, focus on the prize of accomplishing your goal and how it will fulfill your "WHY" for doing it. Also, focus on how the outcome of accomplishing your goal will affect others around you. Meaningful goals are always bigger than you, and affect countless others around you. So push through the difficulty of the current action item in your "how list", focus on the outcome, the results, and the "WHY", and watch your dreams come true. You are Designed for Success, but you must be willing to do, what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

Focus (The Wall Principle)   

There are two types of focus; positive and negative. The benefits of focusing on positive, uplifting thoughts and goals should be apparent at this point. But, what about negative thoughts? Let me say it this way. DON'T HIT THE WALL! Let me explain. In racecar driving, the drivers are told to not look at the wall. Why is that? Simple. What you focus on you attract, and you will move towards. Hitting the wall in a race can be devastating, and at the very least will take you out of the race or slow you down tremendously. There is always something negative, a wall, to focus on: Sales or the Economy is down, issues with your employer or employees, perceived lack of money, talent, skills, people, and other resources. And of course, there are distractions such as past failures, too much entertainment, bad habits, and so on. Don't focus on the wall. Don't hit the wall. Don't focus on the negative and attract it to you. What you focus on, you will begin to see in your mind's eye. What you see in your mind continually, and allow to dominate your thinking, will eventually manifest into reality.   

I'll give you an example in my personal life to illustrate. Some years ago, while working for a software company that I thoroughly enjoyed, the economy started diminishing. Buried in my subconscious mind was the thought that I never really was good enough or qualified for this particular "high paying" job at this great company. In fact, there were a few people, whom I looked up to in life at the time, that reinforced my belief, of not being qualified, by telling me that I was just lucky and not qualified for that job or to make "that much money". And I allowed them to speak those negative thoughts into my life; bad decision on my part. Very bad decision! At the first opportunity to present itself, the powerful negativity of those words, which in turn I allowed to become my thoughts, cropped up. The economy was taking a turn. The company, at seven thousand employees, was downsizing. I began to focus on the "what if I'm next" scenario. I could see myself being escorted out of the building and losing my job. It became obvious as my abundant thought process began to speak out of my mouth. The first layoff came and I made it through. Then, the second and third. With each layoff my mind became more intensely fearful of a definite termination of my employment. "Surely after three layoffs, I'll be next", I thought and continually said. "After all, I'm not qualified or good enough for this job, at this company, making this much money. It was too good to be true anyway. I'm lucky I lasted this long".   

Wow! How depressing, yet powerful were these negative, self-defeating thoughts that I focused on and allowed to dominate my thinking. You can guess what happened next. Because I did not change my focus, and allowed this process to continue, it soon manifest itself into reality. First I lost my peace. I was so stressed out, it soon manifest in my body. I had full-blown panic and anxiety attacks, then into depression. Then it finally manifest itself in the form of a job termination that threw my family and I into a spiral of devastating financial loss and depression. But thank God the story doesn't end there.    

The good news is, there is always something positive to focus on: 

  • The incredible amount of abundance available 
  • Good Health 
  • Your Excellent Products 
  • Outstanding Relationships 
  • Tons of Growth Opportunity (personal, spiritual, business) 
  • Vast amount of Training that is Available 
  • Awesome and Passionate Employees or Employers 
  • Your successes 
  • Your mentor(s) and his or her teaching 

Remember, don’t look at "the wall". Don't hit "the wall". Instead, focus like a high-powered laser on your goals, your dreams, the steps to achieve them, and all of the uplifting, powerfully positive principles that you are exposed to. And whatever you do, don't quit. You will see your desire manifest into reality.   

I finally after a few years of drowning in my own self-pity, sorrow, depression, and anxiety decided to return to what I knew worked. I found, by divine appointment, my mentor, and have since re-focused on my goals, dreams, desires, and the abundance that God has for me. The turnaround in my life is nothing short of amazing. When I was in my deepest pit of depression, I would have never dreamed of the life I now live. What a difference putting these principles to work in my life has made. And I know that the best is yet to come, because like you, I am Designed for Success.   

Word Power Exercise: The only reason I fail is a lack of focus. I will re-focus on my goals, passion, purpose, destiny, and the abundance God has for me. I was Designed for Success before the world began. Today is my day to succeed. I am successful.