Watch out for Focus Killers

Applying focus to the details of your What, Why, and How of your goals, is like putting blinders on a horse. Instead of losing focus and looking at the crowd, the middle of the field, and other horses behind, the blinders assists the horse in maintaining focus on the track ahead, the immediate competition to beat, and the finish line to cross. Focus eliminates distractions around you. I've listed a few examples of distractions that may try to break your focus. Beware of these focus killers. 

  • Excessive Entertainment 
  • Naysayers 
  • Negative Talking friends, family, and associates 
  • Past Failures 
  • Perceived lack of resources 
  • Excessive intake of newspapers, television news, news websites 

It is vitally important that you eliminate or greatly reduce the time exposed to these focus killers as much as possible. In regards to those around you who talk negative, the best outcome is to lead by example and convert them into positive thinkers. I know it can seem difficult to not focus on past failures. But in order to stop focusing on one thing, you need to switch your focus on to something else.