Book Review - Procrastinate On Purpose

Rory's 2nd book, Procrastinate on Purpose - 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time, is a MUST-READ for anyone who never has enough time and just can't seem to get it all done. Is your To-Do list a mile long? Read this book. Are you looking for one of the major factors of success? Read this book. Have you always wondered if successful people THINK DIFFERENTLY than you? Read this book. Have you ever wanted to know the secret to how some people seem to multiply their time and are never in a rush? READ. THIS. BOOK.

Rory Vaden, in his prequel to Take the Stairs, walks you through, step-by-step, the what, why, and how of most people seem to lose time, never have enough of it, and what can be done to correct it by using his trademarked Focus Funnel and explaining the 5 permissions that you need to give yourself in order to multiply your time. He explains the 3 eras of Time Management, the strengths and limitations of the first 2 eras, and why & how the 3rd era of Time Management is so powerful. Did you know you could manage your time in 3D? Rory explains how. In his first book, Take the Stairs, Rory shows how procrastination is costing you and business owners everywhere incredible amounts of money, why procrastination is so bad, and how to overcome it. Just stop taking the escalator. "Do the things you don't feel like doing but you know you should" is the general theme of Take the Stairs.

But in his 2nd book, Rory actually tells you to Procrastinate. Huh? Yes. He does. But on Purpose. He very methodically shows the difference, how and when to use this method, and why. Eliminate, Automate, Delegate. I think there's a couple more 'ates' in their somewhere. But, you'll have to read the book to learn more. This book is eye-opening and very thought-provoking. Rory is very transparent in this book as he uses stories from his own life, as well as case studies from other successful people, to bring these principles to life with real examples. If you are serious about time management, wanting to know how to multiply your time, and are willing to change your habits to achieve this, then I challenge you to read this life-altering book. Aside from the Bible, Rory's books Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose have brought about more change and prodded me to action more than any other success books I've read. Read this book. You will be glad you did.

Procrastinate On Purpose - 5 Permissions to Multiple Your Time is available in audio-book and print through iTunes, Amazon, and several other retailers. Order your copy today. Learn more at or

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